Why care about your website broken links?

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It will affect SEO

Part of good search engine optimisation is making sure all of your links work properly. If your links result in a 404 error, it’s not good for your search results. Search engines such as Google search rank functional websites higher than sites with broken links, so If you don’t want to be penalised, make sure all links are active and work properly.

It could reduce your credibility

Links play a part in keep you credible when they are broken, it makes you look unprofessional.

It could impact conversion rates

A site that has a professional and clean appearance has a higher rate of conversion than one that is poorly designed and does not function correctly. Broken image links or an incorrect URL for a page will have an impact your conversion rates.

Ensure the engagement with your customer doesn’t break

People have choices, so ensuring that the processes you use is important. Make sure they don’t fall into a hole (broken link) by making sure that the links are working properly

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