What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is made to automatically change the entire web design and its contents according to the environment it will be put into or simply, the size of the device where it is opened, as shown in the above photo. Mobile responsive in web development refers to a web design which fluidly responds to any mobile devices whatever its screen size may be. One of the many positive attributes of using a responsive web design is that it costs less for businesses because it only uses one website for multiple versions. since it cuts down another monthly web support if you usually invest in a different mobile app that a consumer must download from their app store aside from your original website.


Look at the photo above to see the difference of a web design when it is mobile responsive and non-mobile responsive. You can notice how the web fits perfectly on the screen size of the mobile device at the left compared to the mobile device at the right which forces the user to adapt themselves to the web and needs to scroll not only from up to down but also from left to right which may annoy some users who visit your website. According to statistics showed by telligence.com.au, 57% of people won’t recommend your business if your website has a poorly designed mobile site, so it obviously shows how mobile responsive web development affects the growth and potential sales of your business.

Mobile devices have been dominating this digital generation and even statistics say that 50% of the average global mobile web users now mostly use their own mobile devices to go online than desktop computers. This shows how important it is for web developers to consider designing not only for desktop websites but also for other mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Thus, making a website compatible to any devices definitely makes it user-friendly and does not only make the web owner happy but the customer who views and use it as well.

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