What is Pinterest?

It’s been said that weak minds discuss other people, average minds discuss events, while great minds discuss ideas. Ideas propel civilisation forward, every enduring milestone started off as an idea. Apple began as an idea to make the public more interested in personal computers. The moon landing was once an idea to explore new frontiers. And the wheel started off as an idea to ease transport. Indeed, right after necessity, an idea is the next step to innovation. It is through ideas that problems are solved, and within every great mind lies a billion dollar idea. So what if, through the internet, it is now easier to share ideas to the public? Ideas that are creatively shared through pictures to appeal to younger and a more impatient audience.

First established in 2010, Pinterest is a photo sharing website and mobile app. Pinterest has the tagline “catalogue of ideas”. Unlike other photo sharing websites and apps like Instagram; Pinterest is not about sharing personal or creative photos, but more about photo ideas and inspiration that other people might find interesting. It is hereby marketed as an information hub instead of a social media site. In Pinterest, subscribers can share their ideas using images, without the need for a written explanation, because the pictures are self-explanatory.

Less patient visitors may find the site exciting since information is short and concise. No need for a lot of reading and in-depth information wading. Pinterest somewhat personalises one’s page by showing ideas that fall within a specific user’s interest. Upon subscription, you will be asked five topics that interest you the most. Once chosen, the website narrows down and filters information for you, thereby only showing you information that you want.

Pinterest has a rich archive of ideas, they have possibly every single topic known to man in their database. From fashion to fitness to art, to history and science, just name it they have pictures for it. The website has 150 million active subscribers, most of whom have ideas they wish to share.

In today’s busy world, people want to learn more in as little time as possible. Pinterest has made this possible. People share ideas in just a few clicks. Pinterest is not about you, but about your ideas. It is now about likes, but about being helpful, and not about validation but about appreciation.

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