What is Content Marketing?

A study conducted in 2015 reveals that over 3.2 billion people use the internet world wide. That’s almost half the world’s total population of 7.5 billion. As technology pushes further and as development reaches wider, these numbers will grow.  Therefore, many “technopreneurs” and even a few traditional businesses capitalise on this idea by using the internet either as platform for their business or as a promotional tool. With over a million websites floating around the web today, how can you entice netizens to visit your website and check your services? How can you draw them into your site and make them see the products and services you offer?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing which involves the production and sharing of online materials called content. These materials can be in the form of articles, blogs, essays, videos, whitepapers, photographs and social media posts. This content will be posted on your website or another site with a link which will lead visitors to your website. Content Marketing is a tool which could drive traffic in your website to go up. And once traffic is high, the possibility of users subscribing to your services or availing of your products also goes higher.

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.

Take note though, in content marketing; generated content does not usually promote or at least directly promote your brand. It is meant to spark interest to lead visitors your site or at least leave them wanting more to explore your website or keep coming back. In order for visitors to frequent your website or at least be interested in it, new content must be published regularly. Content also needs to be unique and interesting so as to get visitors to subscribe. Whether it is a tutorial video, a write-up regarding a hot topic, short video or a well-researched essay which aims to answer a lingering question; these materials need to be interesting enough for visitors so as to make the interested.  Content must also have a catchy title and must also be keyword optimised in order to make it rank higher in search engines and bring in more people who may be interested.

Each newly generated content is an opportunity to bring in more traffic to your website. Hence, adding new content regularly increases visitor frequency and improves your websites service rate. If visitors keep coming back, your website stays relevant and word about it may spread. Often, those who are not good with producing content but want to use Content Marketing to boost sales would hire third party producers for the job.

The Internet population continues to grow, and any smart business would take advantage of that. So if you believe the internet is the next step for your business, or simply the platform wherein you must put up your business; consider engaging in Content Marketing. After all, there is no better way to attract subscribers than to show them topics that they find interesting.

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