Ways Not to Use SEO to Keep Your Online Business Alive

A website or a webpage is the surest way for a certain brand to get noticed online. By driving traffic into either of these official pages, the brand in topic will gain media mileage. One effective and affordable way to lead audience into your website is through the use of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the system that makes a website or webpage visible in a search result engine’s unpaid results. Once audience are lead into your website, they can then be converted to customers or better, patrons. It is easy to understand why companies would invest in SEO to buff traffic into their site. However, just like any other helpful tool, misuse of the engine can lead to disastrous results. Here’s how to not use an SEO:

  1. Taking links for granted

While it is true that great content and amazing service makes your website worth the while to visit, you must not rely on them alone. Building a link plan assures more visits with fewer links. A link plan also places you higher on search results, as this provides a wider network from which visitors can be lead to our site.

  1. Content Marketing

Now let’s say you have driven traffic to your site, but you cannot give the audience anything interesting for them to stay, then your efforts are wasted. You must always remember to continuously generate great and interesting content. Not only will this keep people on your website, it will also encourage them to come back.

  1. Not utilising no follow links

No follow links were designed to tell web search engines that certain links are an advertisement and should not be considered by the SEO calculations. Not using no follow links can confuse the algorithm and produce unwanted results for your website search visibility.

  1. Over reliance on keyword anchor text

Just as too many hyperlinks can confuse an algorithm, too many keyword anchor texts can do the same. Having an over-abundance of links from other sites to yours may seem like a smart move but the reality is not all of them get noticed. Plus, too much of them can make linking to your website seem forced and can really annoy the audience.

  1. Relying on the homepage too much

While the homepage sets the stage and the identity of your website, always remember audience are enticed by a faster route to their destination. They want to get there with as few clicks as possible. Linking audience right to where they want to go can prove advantageous as this gives them the notion that your site is user-friendly.

While an SEO is a great help to generate traffic, bear in mind that acquiring it does not end the effort. Going impulsive and gung-ho with its use would be dreadful to your website. Plan its use just as you plan your business. Proper use of SEO can sky-rocket your business while improper use will lead to wasted efforts and investments.

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