Why Use a Landing Page for Your Business?

The Internet made communication easier and more efficient. Because of the internet, we can now avail of a company’s product or service even though the company is miles away. We can also check a little about the company’s background, all thanks to the internet.

Because of all the players involved in the online promotions and services, competition boils often boils down to website presentation. The more pleasant and easier to use a website is, the better. With every click, the site takes visitors to a different but presentable landing page.

In basic sense, a landing page is a page that a visitor can arrive or “land” in after clicking a hyperlink on another webpage. However, in advertising and marketing, a landing page is a page which is designed for a specific purpose (usually to persuade visitors to subscribe and avail of your services). These landing pages usually have no global navigation to prevent visitors from being distracted from your main goal.

Such landing pages simply have room for registration and subscription, it has the website’s name, objective, tagline, a few pictures and a sign in option. Landing page is a straight forward approach to marketing. No long write-ups, no gimmicks and no distracting graphics which require heavy bandwidth.

Now there are two types of landing page; one is used to persuade visitors to click towards another page known as “Click through landing page”. The other is used to capture used data known as “Lead Generation” landing page. Both can work just fine depending on your objective, but the point is a landing page straight up persuades visitors to subscribe to your services. It shuns all the clutter and ruse in favor of a simple and non-distracting method, hence easier for the eyes and avoids confusion.

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