For all you tradies out there, don’t just take our word for it!

Your competitors are proving to your customers that they are the company that should be working for them, and your website or lack of one proves them right.

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5 Reasons to Redo Your Website in 2018

Make sure your contractor website is not failing you — and your customers.


Tradie needs help with online marketing

Outdated or no website?

Your website is your online reputation.


If it looks out of date, people may assume your business is out of date too. If your website doesn’t look current, then you may be missing out on business opportunities.

Competitors, take a look at their websites to see how they’re presenting themselves?


Your Website Is Not Mobile-Responsive.

Mobile Internet use has skyrocketed in the past few years. If a website is non-responsive on a smartphone most (61%) people said they would switch to another link.

Now more than ever your website should be easily accessed and viewed on a mobile device


Your Website Uses flash Animation. (Or Even Worse…Has Music!) BUT Video is king!

Back in the day, it was trendy to animate text and have clip art flying across the screen, now people want to get to to exactly what they are looking for or watch a video that tells them what they want to know


Your Website Is Too Slow.

If your Website is slow, people will not wait around for all the media to load in your website. 3 Second rule applies here too, if your page hasn’t loaded with 3 seconds they will move on to the next website.

A key factor for google ranking is how fast your site loads on mobile.


It’s Difficult to Make Changes to Your Website.

If you can’t easily make quick and strategic changes to your website then you may be left behind in the wake of your competitors

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