Top 5 reasons why your business needs to be on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn company page helps you network and prospect for quality sales leads, but it also establishes your public image on a global scale as a reputable and trustworthy organisation.

Although many people view the social media site LinkedIn only as a site for job hunters and for growing your professional network, LinkedIn is an equally effective tool for generating new business leads and nurturing referral relationships. What started out as a social media site for professionals has now expanded to include business pages and content sharing. Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn is good for your business.

  1. Free company page – Think of your company page as a supplement to your website: It helps you drive traffic to your site and provides an outlet to promote your products, services, and content. Your LinkedIn Company Page provides free marketing opportunities and enhances the credibility of your company. Rich content and compelling status updates can also establish your brand as a leader in your industry.
  2. Exposure and promotion – There is no limit to the scope of the internet and social media’s coverage. It can reach as far as the other side of the world in a click and touch millions at a time. The cost of promotion in LinkedIn can be free, it only takes creativity and dedication to put your brand on the map.
  3. Establish contacts – There is a good reason why social media is called social media, it is meant to build bridges between two or more people and/or entities. It made socializing easier and faster. With its brand and reputation, LinkedIn specialises in establishing business contacts. It can easily link you with suppliers, potential clients and partners.
  4. Publish and share content – Nowadays, social media platform isn’t just a place to meet people, it also enables one to post content. Be it write-ups, photos or videos, LinkedIn enables you to further exhaust your creativity for the good of your brand. You can camouflage these contents to appear interesting and fun while promoting your brand in the process
  5. Build credibility – If Facebook gives contacts a view of your personality, LinkedIn is all about establishing a reputation. With LinkedIn’s branding, clients can be reassured that your business if ran by people who uphold professionalism. You can include all your company’s credential to give it added clout.
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