Key Benefits of Facebook to Business

With a huge number of users worldwide, Facebook has become one of the most top-performing social media platforms these days. Not only used to establish personal connections with family and friends, Facebook can also be a good tool to advertise a business. Because of its visibility, Facebook has earned many potential benefits that can lead to increased sales and profit for your business.


Listed below are the key benefits of Facebook to your business:


When a business invests thousands of dollars to marketing activities, there’s no guarantee that it could lead to increased sales and profit, making it a risky move especially for small to medium businesses. Trial marketing can be done on Facebook without costing much before coming up with a bigger marketing campaign. Facebook is not only free, but it could give you access to million users worldwide that could be converted to potential customers depending on your target audience.


Creating a business page on Facebook is easy. In setting up a Facebook account, one has to provide necessary information such as the business name. Businesses can also provide their company history, product details and other relevant information that could draw attention from Facebook users and get them interested in what your business is doing.


Facebook not only allows you to enter texts, but it also gives you the chance to introduce your business and product details with the use of visuals such as photos and videos. Photos and videos are powerful marketing tools that give instant recall to a brand and its products. Facebook also allows you to tag a specific user to your photo and video, giving them instant access to what you have just uploaded. However, tagging in Facebook must be done with extra caution as there are users who do not want to be tagged in uploaded photos and videos.


When you share texts, photos and videos in Facebook, users can leave comments or even replies to previous comments posted by other users. With this, Facebook can generate online discussions that could lead you to gather potential customers. This social network also allows businesses to talk directly to existing and prospective clients, and on the other hand, customers can also send messages directly to businesses on their Facebook page that makes communication more personal.


The millions of users on Facebook may appear potential customers to your business, however, bear in mind that not all these users are interested in your brand and what you are selling. Targeting the right audiences through Facebook ads could lessen the possibility of hitting the wrong group of people that may appear as potential customers for your business. Just like running an advertisement on TV, radio and print, you will never be sure if your ad has targeted the right people, leaving you with uncertainty if you have reached your goal for recall and interest among users. You can only be certain if you target the ad correctly.


To achieve multi-level marketing, liking and sharing can be generated as powerful tools to do so. Once your page is liked, customers can receive updates on their timeline where their friends can see them as well when they share it to their timeline. This helps to build awareness of your business, your products and services among Facebook users. If customers like your products and services, they can also post positive feedback to your page and they can share this with their friends not only through Facebook but also through word-of-mouth.

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