Is being on LinkedIn Important?

You could argue that social media is currently the most popular internet based service. Netizens sign up to social media to meet other people, share photos, read insights, check for status updates etc. It has made communication and connection easier. However, social media has also become a tool for background checking. Many of us are guilty of checking a person’s social media account to get to know the person better. Some do it simply for fun or curiosity, while others have a more professional purpose.

Infact, some companies take to social media to do a quick check of a person they plan to hire or have just hired. This is a reason is why people are more careful with their posts nowadays. You wouldn’t want your boss to see your latest picture from last Friday’s party do you? Or you don’t want your business partners to see your latest rants about your love life. It is essential to keep some social media channels and accounts to family and friends, and even what they see in your profile should sometimes be filtered.


For more professional encounters, try LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking site. Think of it as a social media platform which acts as both a business card and curriculum vitae. While other social media platforms are more about socialising and self-expression, LinkedIn focuses on network building and career opportunities. Any connection you make in LinkedIn is strictly professional, hence is it unwise to talk about hobbies and include beach pictures in your LinkedIn account. Now you might think who would benefit from such a dull social media platform? Here are a few professionals whose lives are made easier by LinkedIn:

HEAD HUNTERS: When pressured to bring in experienced new hires, head hunters would take to LinkedIn to search for prospects. So it is important to keep one’s account updated and content filled. Through LinkedIn, opportunity may find its way to you faster.

ACCOUNTS / SALES EXECUTIVES: They need to sell their company’s product or service, they have prospective clients but don’t know who to reach in those companies. Sales executives would often go to LinkedIn to find contact persons and details.

MARKETING AND PR PERSONNEL: Just as how sales executives need to penetrate a company’s lobby, so do those in the marketing and PR department. When cold calling isn’t doing the trick, they try LinkedIn to find contact details.

FREELANCERS AND ENTREPRENEURS: It is good to subscribe to freelancing websites and attend cocktail events to expand one’s network. But you will be surprised at how LinkedIn can help put your name in the top options list for those looking for services that you offer.

TITLED PROFESSIONALS: Doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. Gone are the days when these professionals need to put heavy plaques onto their rented office doors so passers-by know they exist. LinkedIn can also help these professionals get more clients by publicising their accounts in the platform.

THOSE SEEKING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Of course, the available services and personnel are there. If you need a particular service from a person or company, or simply want to hire more help for your company. It is always wise to check into LinkedIn.

Now the question, is being in LinkedIn important? Definitely it is, the platform stretches the power of the internet for professional purposes.  So don’t take it for granted, it may actually be the next step for growth in your business.

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