HTTPS: A Better Choice for Your Website

HTTP is the protocol to exchange and transfer hypertext. Basically it means the language used to talk to websites. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, while HTTPS means the same, only the added “S” stands for “secure”. Over the years, websites have migrated from the traditional and less secured HTTP to the more advanced and acknowledged HTTPS. Why would they not when the perceived advantages are evident and increasing yearly. Here are top 5 reasons on why your website should follow suit and used the more secured HTTPS.

  1. Security

Given that its name bears the word “secure” in its name, this item is pretty obvious. To give you a better idea, the protocol secures transferred information down to every byte. It is not uncommon to come across news reports or articles about tampering and unauthorized online access. The reason why security has become a necessity instead of being just an option.

  1. Approval

You’ve probably come across a website that Chrome or Firefox has pinned with the “not secure” tab. While these websites may not necessarily carry bad software, their protection against harmful programs is weak and lagging. Added that having such a negative mark can drive the audience away from a website. Before Google tags you as “not secure”, consider HTTPS.

  1. Innovation

Game changers and major players such as Google and Facebook are moving to have the entire internet encrypted. Websites who will not take the same footsteps will be left out. In the long-run, it will result in bad publicity and security issues.

  1. Speed

Yes, HTTPS contributes to browsing speed. HTTPS runs on TLS or the Transport Layer Security. In the up-coming years it will move to TLS 1.3 which brings in a number of upgrades that will improve speed, among them the zero-round trip handshake.

  1. Ease of use

Apart from the security it provides, HTTPS is also a system that developers prefer due to its ease of use. Although half a decade ago, this was not the story as HTTPS was once perceived as a difficult system. In the years that have gone however. Major players have made ways to make migration to HTTPS easier. They have also made troubleshooting with HTTPS breezier. Not to mention, HTTPS makes it easier for your website to have an SSL certificate.

Technology improves on a yearly if not monthly basis. Sad to say, threats are improving along with it. The only way to stay ahead is to improve at every step. When an opportunity to improve presents itself, one must not ignore. Great rewards await innovators and early adapters.

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