Google Analytics: Cheat Sheet

A website extends a company’s service to those who are beyond arm’s reach. A website enables companies to provide service or products to overseas clients at light speed transaction. A website can also boost advertising especially in today’s world wherein roughly 3.2 billion people worldwide use the internet. Given the advantage of having one, you would really want to put a lot of effort to assure people do at least visit your website, and it would take continuous improvement to drive more traffic and entice visitors to come back.

However, it is very difficult to fix problems if you are not informed. You must first know how many people visit your website at a pre-determined scheduled. Or at least the status of website traffic, for the reference of owners.

The best way to gain such information is to use Google Analytics. It is a free service which tracks and reports website traffic. Launched in November of 2005, it is now the most widely-used website analytics service on the internet. A majority of websites listed in the 10,000 most popular sites are subscribed to the system for reference purposes. Now, once you are made aware of the figures, the service can help you answer deeper questions that can help your site become more effective. There are bugging questions that Google Analytics can provide answers for website operators.

First of all, Google Analytics can help you determine how people find your website. Whether they follow links to it, type it by accident or enter it intentionally. The service can provide an answer for that by studying the statistics of visitor frequency. If you find out that majority of visitors find your site by accident, maybe you can invest time and resources to spread the word about your site; and make sure people would intentionally visit it as opposed to being there by accident.

Next is the content you’re providing doing its job? Whether you provide information or sell specific items, you want audience and visitors to be enticed by content that you put into your site. Visitors are more likely to leave if they find nothing persuasive in your site. Google Analytics can help shape your site to becoming content powerful, by determining whether people actually appreciate whatever you place there.

Last but not least is how can all this information drive audience to actually tap into your product or service. You can put in whatever you want into your site or customise it as much as you want but in the end, you really want to know how your actions affect your sales. Google Analytics reports can help you know whether the last actions you took with your site is actually beneficial. Whether the last content you put in place is well accepted, or your colour scheme makes the site more presentable; these are actually small things that can make or break your website’s image and determine if people would want to subscribe to you.

With its perceived ease of use, subscribers consider it a cheat sheet, with all the information it can provide, Google Analytics can definitely make a website owner’s life a whole lot easier. It can make website management more efficient to improve services to the target market.

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