FACEBOOK ADS: Why would you?

Welcome to the 21st Century, or the digital age for the tech-savvy. All the innovations of the past decades have led us into this age, where information exchange happens with just a few clicks or a few taps. In this age, mass communication is no longer limited to a sender-receiver relationship but is now interactive. This fact supports the idea that social media has become a significant tool in communication and is arguably out to get print and radio. Compare the ratio of people you see logged in to social media to the ones still engaged in traditional media. It is evident that people spend more time logged in that they spend consuming other media. Among the social media brands, no one will argue that the most popular is Facebook. Through the years, Facebook’s developers have produced countless developments to the platform. Among these developments, is a tool that businesses would find most useful; ads. Here are top reasons why you should advertise in Facebook.


  1. SCOPE – The fact that Facebook is free to the public, easy to access and available to more or less a hundred countries gives you a very wide scope in terms of the market. In an interview with TechCrunch; Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has been quoted saying over 175 million people log-in to Facebook daily. It is evident that Facebook is proven effective in reaching as many markets as possible. And it is easy to use and very controllable; which brings us to the next item. 
  1. CONTROLLABILITY – Just as how social media made mass communication interactive and controllable, Facebook’s ad system gives much liberty to subscribers. Advertisers who are on a budget can choose to limit their scope, while budgeted ones can go wide for a reasonable fee. And speaking of a reasonable fee. 
  1. CHEAP – Television, radio and print ads can cost you hundreds of thousands per entry, this is excluding the cost to produce the material. A Facebook ad is the go-to machine of small businesses, specifically online sellers because of its cheaper costs. One day’s worth of allowance is enough to secure an ad on Facebook, hence it is often the choice of startup businesses. 
  1. SUBTLE – Okay, don’t get us wrong here. A Facebook ad is highly effective in reaching an audience as wide as possible, but these ads are not as annoying as ads you see on TV or hear on Radio, which sometimes could really stretch one’s attention span. Facebook ads are creatively designed and seamlessly presented to subscribers, they wouldn’t cause viewers to cringe at the sight of them. 
  1. TRENDY – Of course, with all the other ads sprouting out of Facebook, one needs to be creative to stand out. Advertisers would often get creative in enticing an audience to visit their page. From stunning visuals to promotional promises; Facebook ads are as trendy as they come and often capture the tastes of the market.

They say change is the only constant thing in this world. What was once intended as an exclusive platform for university students is now eating away at the success of broadcast and print. Today, Facebook continues to expand to reach out to some untapped markets, and the larger its subscribers grow, the greater its potential as a significant promotional tool.

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