10 must haves on your website

So your business has a website — or you’re in need of one for your brand new venture. Web design can be an overwhelming process before you rush headfirst into the World Wide Web, be sure to take note of the 10 essential things that a website must have.

  1. Purpose – Or a headline as some may prefer to call it, the website’s purpose must be briefly introduced on the home page. Be it through taglines or some other creative method, visitors will need to know what you can offer otherwise they will leave.
  1. About – Once a website’s purpose has been introduced, you will have to delve deeper into what you can offer. Hence an “About” tab needs to be present. You can even include the company’s history if you want, but don’t forget to answer that biggest question that lingers. What can you offer? 
  1. Roadmap – Speaking of tabs, a website that’s hard to manoeuvre will surely drive visitors away. Though it is not a general rule, make sure your visitors will find what they want within 3 clicks or less from the home page. Nobody wants to go through dozens of landing pages just to know your company’s phone number, which brings us to the next item. 
  1. Contact Information – A landline number, a mobile phone number, an email and address. Whether you will include all four is up to you, but visitors will sometimes want to directly communicate with you and being open to it can prove advantageous. 
  1. FAQ – Now, not every visitor wants to bother you with a phone call, some of their questions can be appeased by simple reading through short content so an FAQ is essential especially for a website which directly handles finances. Be sure your FAQ is section is easy to find though, they also need to contain all possible questions and answers must be short and concise. 
  1. Citations – This may now apply to all websites, but if you have to borrow content from other sources, be sure to always credit the source. Including citations can save you thousands of dollars from fighting lawsuits.
  1. Regular New Content – Just like citations, regular new content may not be a requirement for all websites. But for those dealing with entertainment, information and creative; people would visit your website for content, not posting new ones regularly could make them lose interest. 
  1. Name with a recall – Just as any business needs a name with a recall, you would want your website to be easily distinguished and remembered amidst the millions of sites floating the web.
  1. Social Media Counterpart and Link – Now don’t get complacent, your website has to make its presence felt. Social media sites are probably the most accessed websites on the internet, and using them to promote your own website can be essential to getting high traffic. At the same time, companies with social media accounts can be more interactive and visitors want to interact with your company. 
  1. Trust Badge – The trust badge maybe challenge to get for some new and fledgling websites because of the cost and requirements, but it is a way to assure your visitors and potential clients that their transaction with you is safe. You become more transparent and responsible in the eyes of visitors so make sure you have a trust badge as a goal for your website.
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